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Hindustan Sex Tample Of Kamasutra Really Fantastic Sex Art

One hundred and sixty years ago in the woods north of India, the ruins of lost cities found. Middle, there is the most elaborate temple complex ever found in India. Despite being hailed as the greatest works of art and architecture, but the temple has violated good manners that have been civilized society. Because the walls of the temple was filled with the most explicit description of sex in the world. Where it stood, exactly in the hills north of India, where the river divides in the middle, had once stood a great dynasty. During the 300 years they live prosper.

At a place called Khajuraho is why they build government buildings and some of the largest temples ever existed in India. What makes this very interesting Khajuraho foreign tourists is amazing array of erotic carvings. Very clearly displayed every imaginable sex position sex show in the Middle Ages. Although carved thousands of years ago, these carvings still have the power to embarrass and arouse. World archeology as recent events have really got a satisfactory answer about the origin of manufacture of these temples. Why in the holy place their trust can be mounted reliefs like this? whether the purpose of it all?

One hundred years ago, when the temples are found, the work of the second Indian eroticism on display in the Western world. Year 1883 was the publication of the first secrets of the Kama Sutra, Basic Principles of Love. With a very careful calculation, even clinical book contains all kinds of relationships have been prepared on the Silk seksual.Kama 4th century AD by Malinaga Vatsayana. It teaches young people about the universal problem of how to have a satisfying and full life sexually. It teaches how to be good husbands and the women how to be a good wife. He writes sensitively about creating confidence in a girl. Introduced him to sex. "Women, has a gentle nature, and want a smooth start." In England, Queen Victoria that suppress sex lives, openly condemned the Kama Sutra. But soon he became one of the biggest pirated book in English. If the book Kama Sutra describes only intercourse, other carvings in Khajuraho are menapilkannya in general, for all to see.

The building of this temple at a glance it does look similar to Kathedral Gothic construction in Europe. Art historians from the University of Pennsylvania, Michael Meister, interested in the role of the carvings in this temple. According to him, comes from a century Khajuraho Temple 10-12 in the period of architecture in India. Additions carvings at the temple is part of the distinctiveness that makes the temple shrine model of the cosmos, that is how the world was created, and the difference from the world. At Khajuraho, the temple was founded in large high podium. Floor podium symbolizing the world, in the basement foundation beneath the podium when there is a stick drawing board across the basement to show all aspects of human life. There are reliefs depicting warriors, kings, and the workers who carved the stone for the temple. World of medieval India is not a great world. Many cultures have symbols to represent the universe, but only in India that have an emphasis on eroticism. Several years later, many have found any further explanation. What is the goal of all this is a pure religion, which is a test for the celibate priest who mocked them with worldly kesenagan? or for commercial purposes that is used to draw pilgrims to the shrine prostitution advertise? or carvings used as guidelines?

Could Temple was built during the population decrease? One thing is for sure, in India, sex and religion has always walked together. Until now in Khajuraho it still berlangung. Every year in autumn, the village women take part in ancient fertility rites. Every morning they wake up at dawn, wearing their clothes and walked terbaiak Chausath Yogini temple. There, before entering the shrine, offering flowers and give them water. The girls pray for good men can be husbands, married women pray that the given child. Nagasai Devongan art historian is a leader in the Indian eroticism. He found that the Goddess Durga / Goddess of fertility has ancient roots in the sexual aspects of the religion in India. Erotic pictures of the 2nd century BC have been found in Indian art is generally considered to constitute something that can bring benefit and they are expected to cast out demons. Erotic pictures of pre-existing, well into 2000 BC. This carving comes from the worship of mother goddess. He has power over basic issues of life.

Who built the temple and the other gods? Modern researchers revealed that the answer involves a mixture of power, religion and sex. Khajuraho 40 miles north side, there are the ruins of the palace complex. Previously, the palace complex is one of the residence of a powerful dynasty of leaders in India, Prince Chandela. In the 5th century Indian trading center declined. Power transferred to the interior. Similarly in Europe, India, when it enters the era of darkness. In the University of Architecture and engravings near Madras, South India. Students learn the meaning of the ancient Indian motifs. Under the supervision of the modern experts, they are taught carving stone carving using tools used by ancient sculptors.

In the 10th century, where the time development of the temple in Khajuraho started engraving in India reached its peak. However, completely, the meaning of art is misleading because the culture, the ruler of the kingdom and the slaves had built superstition. Exquisite carvings in Khajuraho meghidupkan back the trust of the mother goddess of ancient magic eroticism. At Khajuraho, the erotic carvings have a new role. The temple consists of 2 parts, common areas and inside the shrine associated with shortcut. The road is where humans meet and this is the god of erotic carvings were located. Ancient traditions that connect people with God through sex was not readily accepted in modern India. Shows a general affection like holding hands is not allowed. 30 years ago, when finally published with the kama sutra illegal in the west, a direct repercussion.

Now India is in transition culture. Struggling to reconcile the past with the present erotic of art. If history is a guide, India would eventually find a way to combine the great legacy. Modern India is strongly opposed to the erotic sculptures at Khajuraho. Though proud of his artistic advancement and happy because many tourists are attracted to visit, but is now a modern society in India has grown far more polite than when under the British Raj. After independence in 1948, India enact laws that prohibit sexual behavior such tigkah. Even to say, that one parliamentarians former colleague of Mahatma Gandhi earnestly recommends that the sculptures in Khajuraho backfilled.

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